Shamrock Celtic Tattoos

The original shamrock celtic tattoo design for men and women.Do you know what the Shamrock Celtic tattoos are? The word itself i.e. “Shamrock” tells whether the shamrock is also a clover. Etymologists have found that the origin of the word is the Gealic word i.e. “seamarog”. Slowly and gradually, the word “seamarog” converted into “shamrock” in language English which made it the original pronunciation like this. The literal meaning of the Celtic language word “seamarog” means either “little clover” or the “young clover”. (Is it the reason that shamrock Celtic tattoos used to be small in size?)

Shamrock Celtic tattoos are the most famous among the Irish designs of tattoos. Shamrock is considered to be the sign of Ireland along with the good luck that it brings. The Christians have adopted this design of shamrock as a logo to signify that how Christians enter into Irish land. With the wealthy culture that the symbol represents, there is no doubt that these tattoos are more in demand with the respectable Celt of Irish.

The beautiful girl had a small celtic shamrock tattoo design on her foot.Symbol of Ireland

Similarly like leprechaun and harp, shamrock is also considered as an unofficial sign for Ireland. Shamrock is the native to the country of Ireland and it could be easily predictable due to its complex leaves along with the three tiny leaflets. It is considered to mind the steep hills of Ireland along with the spiritual and optimistic character of the people of Ireland. What could be the other possible way for a Celt would be to recognize the exclusive culture of Ireland than having these Shamrock Celtic tattoos?

Good Fortune

Along with the design and association, Shamrock Celtic tattoos also represent good fortune. Sometimes, it is believed to be “lucky clover”. And in the Irish culture, the bouquet that bride carries also includes a shamrock which represent good fortune as well as the buttonhole of groom also has shamrock in it. The people who want to have more luck and fortune then they should opt for four-leave clover. The clover of four-leaves is not the shamrock exactly but it is another desired among various designs of tattoos.

The celtic shamrock tattoo is pierced at the back of girl's neck.

Holy Shamrock Celtic tattoos

These tattoos are sacred in a sense that they are connected with Christianity and various Celtic religions. Number 3 was believed to have magical powers in the old culture of Celt. That is the reason Druids considers shamrock to be a Holy plant due to its leaves which resemble triple curved image of Celtic. After some time, when St. Patrick initiated the religion Christianity in Ireland, he demonstrated shamrock as a doctrine of sacred Trinity. He contrasted features of one God with the three shamrock leaflets. Since that period of time, it is a tradition to have shamrock leaf on the special day of St. Patrick’s which is celebrated on March 17.

A pair of sisters show their ankle celtic shamrock tattoo on the ground.

You would see that these tattoos are the modern representation of old signs. The Shamrock Celtic tattoos on your body represents that you either possess Celtic blood or like the heritage of Irish people. Or it might be that you are expressing your holy beliefs. Or in the end, I would say that you want to have good luck and good fortune.