Uniqueness of Celtic Tattoo Shoulder

Girl's shoulder blade wad tattooed a celtic tattoo with triple spiral design.If you want a tattoo that has a big size and an elaborate design you should consider one from the Celtic tattoo shoulder designs. As the shoulder is a broader part of the body you can easily get a design that is elaborate and intricate. There is a bit of a history and many reasons to why people choose the Celtic tattoo shoulder designs.

Celtic tattoo shoulder art is adapted from the Celts, who were the ancient civilization of Europe. The designs are mostly adapted from the Book of Kells. This book was written by the Irish monks. It is a hybrid of Celtic and Christian cultures. Thus, the Celtic tattoo art is an amalgam of these two cultures.

The intricate and complex Celtic tattoo art has a deep symbolism behind it. The Celts celebrated life. They believed in the working of male and female components working in complete concordance and harmony. The perpetual spirals, mazes and knots in the Celtic tattoo shoulder designs depict the never ending cycle of life and death. The interlacing knots symbolize the intermingling of the spiritual and physical lives. The infinite strands in the designs represent the permanence and continuity of life, faith and love.

Man's upper arm and shoulder was covered in celtic cross tattoos design.The Celtic warriors also used to get their shoulders tattooed. The tattoos of these warriors symbolized power, strength and protection. They were also made to honor the accomplishments of the warrior’s achievements.

All the different Celtic tattoo shoulder designs have an individual, deeper meaning to them. So before getting a Celtic tattoo on the shoulder one should be fully aware of the unique symbolism. Tattoos are hard to remove. The only way they can be removed is through laser, which is quite an expensive and painful process. So before getting a tattoo you should be fully aware of the meaning of the design.

Celtic tattoo designs on the shoulder are preferred by people because of their uniqueness and various other reasons. People prefer to have a tattoo on the shoulder if they want a big design that is intricate and complex. The shoulder is the second least painful part of the body after the upper arm where you can get a tattoo. For those of you who would like to cover the tattoo while at work or at some times, getting a Celtic tattoo on the shoulder is the best place.

Celtic tattoo shoulder designs are also long lasting, as they are exposed very less to the sun and the shoulder does not stretch and bend too much. These two factors give the tattoo its life. The more a tattoo is exposed to a sun the faster it loses its ink and beauty, and the more it bends the same result is seen. So the shoulder designs are very long lasting in this regard.

An Irish celtic cross tattoo design is pierced on man's blade.

There are a variety of designs on the list that you can choose from. From knots and spirals to animals and illuminated religious symbols and manuscripts, there numerous beautiful and intricate designs to be chosen. Mostly the Celtic tattoo shoulder designs are inked in black to make them look prominent and appealing.